My new loft

West Elm  Desk Chair ,  Desk ,  Lamp

West Elm Desk Chair, Desk, Lamp

As you guys know, Kat and I just recently moved to Downtown. It’s been no surprise that DTLA is becoming the primary destination for millennials. We found ourselves following this trend after discovering the gem that is our new loft. What made us fall in love with it is the fact that it was a commercial building turned into a living space! The beauty of this transformation is you get a unique open floor layout, with a 18 ft exposed ceiling and original concrete floors with a polished and smooth finish. After moving into this stylish new loft, we knew we had to step our furniture game up. We created a mood board on pinterest, got some inspirations and started hunting. We were fortunate enough to be able to work on an amazing collaboration with West Elm. And since we have an open floor layout, we wanted to keep a clean, open and minimal vibe with subtle pop of colors. The exact same approach to my personal style. We selected some staple pieces and picked only what we deemed necessary; like a dinning table, computer table, coffee station, clothing rack. After styling it to our liking we think it’s time to share our loft with you guys. We are excited about our new home and are happy to be among the new downtowners!

West Elm  Vase ,  Desk Chair ,  Desk

West Elm VaseDesk ChairDesk

West Elm  Side Table ,  Rug

West Elm Side Table, Rug

West Elm  Mirror ,  Clothing   Rack
West Elm  Buffet

West Elm Buffet

West Elm Dinning  Table ,  Chairs

West Elm Dinning Table, Chairs

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