Garconalamode x Nike: Airmax 270 React


I know, I know! On first glance you may be thinking, "Perkens, are you wearing workout shoes with that suit!?" And to that I say, absolutely not my friend! These are the brand new Nike Air Max 270 Reacts which blends fashion and sportswear into one very eye catching shoe. Off the bat you can see that this particular color way has bold splashes of color all around the shoe that don't clash at all. I'm actually a bit surprised how often I'll wear these with other outfits and it goes with everything I'm wearing.

Interestingly enough, the colorways for each shoe do have a meaning behind them too. The color way I'm wearing for example denotes the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus' (a historic art school shut down by the Nazis) creation by highlighting the schools studies of asymmetrical design. Other colorways show case geometric compositions San Francisco psychedelia and a variety of others.

You're literally walking in history and design! Even if you're not an art buff, you can't help but appreciate a good looking shoe.

Aesthetics of the shoe are important of course when creating a great look, but comfort reigns supreme in the long run. No need to worry though, as expected the Air Max 270 React delivers on comfort in true Nike fashion. I can wear these all day with great comfort and ease largely due to the Nike react foam midsoles and their cozy cushioning. The shoe weight is light and keeps the foot cool as well for easy summer wear. If you've worn a Nike React shoe before, you know exactly the level of comfort I'm talking about and if not, these should definitely be your first try!

It's nice to have a shoe that's stylish and comfortable, but one with historical context as well sets it apart from the pack a bit more. It's not only eye-catching, but a great conversation starter as all good fashion pieces should be. Which is exactly how you should think of this shoe, not a workout shoe but a fashion statement.