The new Porsche Macan 2019

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I’ve got a greater appreciation for Porsche and their vehicles now. I know they’re luxury vehicles and I’ve always liked them aesthetically but I’d never actually been in one before for a prolonged period of time. I didn’t realize how necessary it was to spend a more intimate amount of time with a vehicle like the Porsche Macan because it’s luxury grows with each minute you spend with it.

There’s quite a few things about this car that add to it’s luxury in not only it’s detail but to the quality of life changes that are nestled within the vehicle subtly. It’s quite an enjoyable car to be in whether you’re driving it or a passenger.

The Porsche Macan is a smaller sized SUV with an interior that is the exact definition of cozy. It fits everyone inside with ample room between each person and has enough leg room for stretching in long road trips. Comfort is key for any car and one of the most important factors for most people, including myself.

The Macan doesn’t skimp out on comfort at all and I’m not sure what’s in these seats, but put it in everything! All of the seating in the car is similar to a high end airline seat with soft leather, back support that curves to your back just right, and cushioning that’s ideal for those long, long periods in LA traffic. The entire front of the car feels like a fancy cockpit and you’re in control of a personal high end, private jet on wheels.

The absolute highlight of the seating takes place in the driver and passenger side. These two in particular have small vents in them to cool you down. Not by an air conditioner though! This sucks the warm air into the seat and off of your body. It’s incredibly futuristic if you ask me and it’s still so shocking how much this modifies the driving experience. Each car I sit in now that doesn’t have that feature? Immediately disappointed. Can’t even lie! Especially here in Los Angeles where a hot seat feels like you got a third degree burn. Now that problem is completely eliminated.

That level of detail extends to those who sit in the back as well and they’ve got their own very unique perk as well. Embedded inside of the door are sun screens that you can pull up and attach to the window. It’s so convenient that it’s upsetting that no one else is doing the same! They block a solid amount of light too without obstructing your view outside entirely. It’s a standout detail that a lot of cars don’t have and it displays how Porsche is concerned about more than just the driver of the car and everyone who will be along for the ride.

Adding to that level of comfort is how this car protects you from the outside sound as well as the sound it projects. With all the windows closed, the outside world is muted substantially allowing for a nice and secluded ride that feels quite personal and private. If you want your own convert experience, crank the stereo up just a little bit and your surrounded by full and crisp sound. I’m no audiophile, but I can’t imagine needing my car to sound more clear than this and since the system is built by Bose, I can’t imagine anyone would.

Whenever you sit in the driver seat and hold this steering wheel (which can be heated by the way), it does feel like you’re riding in a quality investment. Even though my city is congested, the ease of driving is such a pleasure. It’s a very smooth feeling ride and almost glides between lanes. The Porsche Macan and you are “driving together” so to speak and it makes you feel safer as well.

It’s fun to be in a car like this. You just kinda smile a little bit when you’re in it and you don’t know why. Likely a combination of all the things discussed above, sure, but it hits on a level of elation similar to when you finally jump into a hotel on vacation or that first bite of a spectacular meal. It’s always exciting and always a treat.

I love driving because of cars like this.